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I feel my blood rush, these men have killed I can see it in their eyes. A police man jumps out of his car, he holds up his gun, not to me but to them.

"Miss, thank you for your work but we don't want you to get hurt so please step away". I nod to the officer and reply "I can handle myself". He tells me again to get out of the way.

I stare at him for a moment then jump forward striking the doctor with my hands. " ashes to ashes dust to dust". His coat turns to ash and he is taken aback.

The officer looks confused but stands his ground just in case I fail. The doctors friend pulls out a gun and fires. I'm not afraid for some reason, I just hold out my hand and it turns to dust.

I rush up at the taller one with the gun, I grab his middle finger and it turns to ash. It is quite gruesome to look at but he stares at it for a minute.

I am on the the other one, he has pulled out a knife. Despite his shortness he is fast, almost to fast. He grazes me the first time then cuts deep into my right arm.

I grab at his knife but miss it. My arm hurts badly and the red flow of blood does not seem to slow. I go for the taller man and manage to get grazed on my leg with a bullet.

I limp around the circle made with the cars. I dash forward and take a hand print of skin right off the short man's  leg. I can tell he is in pain.

He stabs me again, this time my leg takes the hit. I sweep my leg and get the short man to fall over. but just then pain blasts through my thigh.

Ugh, the tall man must have shot me. I look at the wound, my eyes waver but then focus on
the wound. it went through the side no bone.

I feel the world slow and the pain drives me up. I know people have said that the world slows down when their life is on the line, it feels that way.

I push off the grazed leg and tackle the taller man, the still dazed shorter man is handling a few police men.

One comes over and hand cuffs the tall man. I jump again letting my whole body co laps on the short man. I hold my still glowing hand to his neck.

I stare at him, his eyes filled with fear and I let go. The police men take them to the car.I nod to the one from earlier as he comes my way.

"Thanks for your work, I can't explain what you did or how but we needed it". I smile and stare back at the truck barricade.

"It was nothing, you just have to get me home and the debt will be paid." His smile fades to a frown, "where are you from?"

"I'm Ashley Holmes, I was kidnapped. again". He nods to the two men and tells me "They lead an organization like that."

"there is a bounty on their heads, you won it" I stare at him, money. "how much?" I ask trying not to sound to exited.

"A lot". I sigh happily, homeward bound. I follow him to one of the cars and take shotgun. He turns the key and the engine roars to life. I sigh again, almost home.  
Oh my god I loved writing this. I'm sad that it is over. Thank you for helping me everyone. I loved your support.
d00dle-devil Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014   General Artist
Mother of god That was amazing...
oh god thanks, i loved writing it
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